Geovariances ISATIS 2016

Geovariances ISATIS 2016 [Size: 433 MB] ... ISATIS® has been the reference in geostatistics software for more than 20 years. Whether you are in the Mining, the Oil & Gas or the Environmental industry, Geovariances’ leading-edge software solution has been designed to offer the sound technology you need to get the expected level of confidence in your estimates whilst quantifying the associated risk.

Isatis assets: State of the art and industry benchmark geostatistics + Fast, optimized parallel algorithms + Powerful and fast 3D Viewer + Numerous interfaces with professional standard software packages allowing to load a wide variety of data and output the results in a format best suited to your needs + Batch functionalities enabling automatic procedures for updating and easy reproduction of workflows + Journaling file system for auditing + Immediate access to high-quality on-line documentation and technical references + Unlimited access to technical support provided by specialists in geostatistics.

Geovariances ISATIS 2016.1

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