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BIMware MASTER EC5 Timber Connections

BIMware MASTER EC5 Timber Connections 2014 v4.2.0.1 [Size: 23 MB] ... BIMware MASTER EC5 Timber Connections is designed for verification of load-carrying capacity of bolted splice connections for timber, wood-based and steel elements. Calculations are conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the EUROCODE 5 (EN 1995-1-1 standard). Analysis of the connection can be made for the full set of internal forces (N, V, M). Connected elements are pre-defined as rectangular cross-sections (single- or double-branched). Fastener arrangement can be defined as rectangular or shifted. Manual modification of default arrangement is also possible. Single or double shear fasteners can be used. Selection of connected element parameter values (cross-section geometry, material) and fastener parameters are both available from built-in databases or manual definition.

Connection types: Splice connection, timber-timber type + splice connection, steel-timber type + splice connection, panel-timber type + angled splice connection, timber-timber type + angled splice connection with a continuous base member, timber-timber type + frame-knee connection with fastener circular pattern, timber-timber type + truss-node, 3-elements, timber-timber type + truss-node, 4-elements, timber-timber type. Design & Analysis - key features: Calculations in accordance to the standard Eurocode 5 (EN 1995-1-1) + verification of geometry + capacity analysis of fasteners and connected elements. User Experience - advantages: Fast verification of timber connections + ease of use with an intuitive and clear interface + preview window enabling a continuous review of a selected connector + manual edition of fasteners’ arrangement + extensive material database: timber, steel elements and wood plates + extensive bolt database + user-defined databases + detailed verification note and quick validation of calculations + several language versions: Polish, English, French + documentation generation in a language different than an UI language.

BIMware MASTER EC5 Timber Connections 2014 v4.2.0.1

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