BIMware MASTER EC7 Foundations

BIMware MASTER EC7 Foundations Version 6.0.0 [Size: 27 MB] ... BIMware MASTER EC7 Foundations is used to analyze spread footings and continuous footings in layered soil. Calculations are conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the Eurocode 7 (EN 1997-1) with possibility to consider national annexes for the following countries Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Poland, United Kingdom. Calculations include verification of soil capacity for layered ground, analysis of stress in the foundation corners, design of the foundation base due to bending, verification of the local stability for overturning and sliding, verification of the punching resistance and analysis of settlement. In addition, BIMware MASTER EC7 Foundations allows a user to verify reinforcement of the analyzed foundation. The software offers analysis and design of following foundation types: Pad foundations for one column: rectangular, stepped, trapezoidal, circular + pad foundations for two columns: rectangular, stepped, trapezoidal + strip foundations: rectangular, stepped, trapezoidal. Design & Analysis - key features: Calculations according to EUROCODE 7 (EN 1997-1:2008) + definition of layered soil including underground water + user-defined soil databases (XML) + definition of a list of design loads or simple cases with their automatic combination + copying of loads from external sources + import of forces from Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis 2014 + verification of soil capacity for layered ground + analysis of changes of stress from uplift + sliding check + settlement check + eccentric positioning of columns + geometry optimization + verification of the foundation reinforcement + analysis of the foundation punching + automatic definition of concrete cover of reinforcement based on calculation standard (code) parameters. User Experience - advantages: Dynamic view of foundation geometry + easy definition and control of foundation reinforcement parameters (reinforcement diameter, bar spacing, steel class, concrete cover, etc.) + layered soil profile saved to a file + easy calculations that can be repeated + possibility to select or change a design approach (definition of partial safety factors) + legible and configurable calculation reports + several language versions: English, French and Polish + documentation generation in a language different than an UI language +  national annexes: NF EN 1997-1/NA, PN-EN 1997-1:2008/NA + Microsoft Windows 8 compatible + access to the BIMware Platform cloud (to store a model, share data and results).

      BIMware MASTER EC7 Foundations Version 6.0.0

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