GEO5 GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis (FEM)

GEO5 Finite Element Method Analysis [Size: 48 MB] ... The FEM software program allows solution of general geotechnical tasks using the Finite Element Method. The modeling capabilities include the analysis of underground structures, tunnels and dams in addition to stability and water flow analysis. Adopting the Finite Element Method not only gives the user a broader insight into the analyzed structures, it provides verification of the results from classical methods. Application of the Finite Element Method in structural analysis is substantially more demanding in comparison to modeling approaches based on analytical methods. However, the modules contain a number of features (topology corrector, finite element mesh generator) which considerably simplify preparation of the computational model. The analysis provides information about the deformed shape of structures, distribution of stresses and location of plastic zones inside the soil body, internal forces developed in beams, anchors and geo-reinforcements. Performing stability analysis then considerably extends the knowledge acquired from the application of classical methods. The FEM-Tunnel module serves to analyze underground structures, including tunnels constructed using the New Austrian Tunneling Method. An important feature is a built-in generator of lining, which can be placed anywhere in the soil body. Creating the computational model including the finite element mesh is fully automatic. This module also accounts for various non-mechanical actions such thermal loading, technological shrinkage, swelling of soils and also the definition of anchored regions. The FEM-Water Flow module determines, depending on water flow boundary conditions, the ground water table, distribution of pore water pressures, flow velocities and overall inflow/outflow. The results of water flow (seepage) analysis may be automatically introduced into the structural analysis including stability simulations. The FEM - Consolidation module is used to perform time dependent settlement analysis under foundations, embankments and surface loads (surcharges).

GEO5 GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis (FEM), Softwares

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