Statistician: Powerful, Easy to Use Statistics Add-In for Excel

Statistician v2.00.01.79 [Size: 4.32 MB] ... Statistician is a comprehensive yet simple to use add-in for Microsoft Excel 2007 or later. The software performs a high quality statistical analysis based on a series of easy-to-use forms, activated via the Excel tab. Statistician works in a unique way when compared to other Excel based statistical analysis software. Most importantly, it allows the user to store a data set and perform multiple analyzes on it, a method used by all high end statistical software, but lacking in many other Excel add-ins that require the user to re-select data over and over again when they return to the spreadsheet. Many customers, having used alternative statistical data analysis in the past, are amazed by not only how powerful and reliable Statistician is, but how fast and easy it is to use.

Features: – conduct statistical analyzes different – a set of standard tests – tests of variance – test for parametric – Test normalization – the Mac is to sort and grade data – a logistic regression model and Probiotic regression model – Sampling – Optimization – Provide a summary of statistical results. Calculations: ANOVA - Multiple Regression Analysis - Variance Tests - Normality Tests - Non Parametric Tests - Chi Square Tests - Binary Models - Count Model - Multivariate Analysis - Time Series Analysis.

Statistician: Powerful, Easy to Use Statistics Add-In for Excel

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