How to Use SPSS: A Step-By-Step Guide 5th Edition

Brian C. Cronk ... 136 pages - Publisher: Routledge; 5th edition (January, 2008) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 1884585795 - ISBN-13: 978-1884585791 ...

Designed for use by novice computer users, this text begins with the basics, such as starting SPSS, defining variables, and entering and saving data. • All major statistical techniques covered in beginning statistics classes are included: descriptive statistics * graphing data * prediction and association * parametric inferential statistics * nonparametric inferential statistics * statistics for test construction. • Each section starts with a brief description of the statistic that is covered and important underlying assumptions, which help students select appropriate statistics. • Each section describes how to interpret results and express them in a research report after the data are analyzed. For example, students are shown how to phrase the results of a significant and an insignificant t test. • More than 200 screenshots (including sample output) throughout the book show students exactly what to expect as they follow along using SPSS. • A glossary of statistical terms is included, which makes a handy reference for students who need to review the meanings of basic statistical terms. • Practice exercises throughout the book give students stimulus material to use as they practice to achieve mastery of the program. • Thoroughly field-tested; your students are certain to appreciate this book.

How to Use SPSS: A Step-By-Step Guide to Analysis and Interpretation 5th Edition, Brian C. Cronk

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