IES ShapeBuilder v8.00.0005 [Size: 15 MB] ... Section Properties Calculator: Section properties calculator, stress analysis, shape database customization. Get torsion properties, cracked section properties, concrete section capacities and interaction diagrams. Integrates with VisualAnalysis.

Why use ShapeBuilder?: You have a number of choices in the marketplace for section property calculators.  ShapeBuilder shines in a number of areas: Integrates with the IES Shape & Material database systems +Exports custom shapes to VisualAnalysis + Very easy to use, drag & drop, copy & paste operation. +Advanced analysis and design features not found in other products + IES introduced version 8.0 in January 2015 with a fresh new look and some practical improvements.

Newest Features : Explode shape arrays + Override shape color + DXF Export + Quick rotate + Easier Unit-style selection + Search materials + Custom report logo

What can you do with ShapeBuilder?: Here is a brief look at some of the possibilities.

Calculate Geometric Properties of Any Plane Figure:  Create built-up sections, find their properties + Shapes with holes or cut-outs + Area of any plane-geometric outline + Structural properties + Shear and torsion properties

Advanced Analysis: Calculate a Torsion Constant + Plot Stress Levels under Arbitrary Loads +   Locate the Shear Center + Locate Extreme Shear Forces + Plot the Warping Normal Function

Investigate Reinforced Concrete Shapes under Loads:
Find cracked and uncracked properties + Stress and strain determination + View 3D Interaction diagrams + Section capacity determination

Calculate Composite Section Properties: Properties transformed with modular ratio + Example: "Flitch Beams" of Wood and Steel + Example: Steel Encased in Concrete Sections + Example: Differing steel Fy (plastic Properties) + Example: Glass and Aluminum Frame + Example: Rebar in Concrete Beam or Column

Create Shapes from External Data: Import complex shapes from DXF, STEP, IGES, TXT and more

Customize the IES Shape Database: Export shapes to VisualAnalysis + Import CFS Cold-Formed shape libraries (.scl files) for VisualAnalysis.