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Groundwater Hydraulics by K. Sato and Y. Iwasa

Kuniaki Sato, Yoshiaki Iwasa ... 204 pages - Publisher: Springer; (June, 2011) ... Language: English - AmazonSIN: B000PY48N6.

The groundwater science and engineering has been closely connected with various fields (1) Groundwater Hydrology, (2) Groundwater Hydraulics or Geohydraulics, (3) Fluid Dynamics in Porous Media, (4) Groundwater Quality Engineering, (5) Soil Physics, and (6) Hydrogeology or Geohydrology. The purpose of the book is to present an update textbook of groundwater hydraulics, which includes all of basic items in above-mentioned fields, to students (of graduate school), researchers and practitioners. The students and beginners who intend to specialize in groundwater hydraulics through one semester will master contents of the book.

Groundwater Hydraulics, Kuniaki Sato, Yoshiaki Iwasa

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