Statistics with JMP: Hypothesis Tests, ANOVA and Regression

Peter Goos, David Meintrup ... 648 pages - Publisher: Wiley; (April, 2016) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 1119097150 - ISBN-13: 978-1119097150.

This book provides a first course on parameter estimation (point estimates and confidence interval estimates), hypothesis testing, ANOVA and simple linear regression. The authors approach combines mathematical depth with numerous examples and demonstrations using the JMP software. Key features: Provides a comprehensive and rigorous presentation of introductory statistics that has been extensively classroom tested. + Pays attention to the usual parametric hypothesis tests as well as to non-parametric tests (including the calculation of exact p-values). + Discusses the power of various statistical tests, along with examples in JMP to enable in-sight into this difficult topic. + Promotes the use of graphs and confidence intervals in addition to p-values. + Course materials and tutorials for teaching are available on the book's companion website. Masters and advanced students in applied statistics, industrial engineering, business engineering, civil engineering and bio-science engineering will find this book beneficial. It also provides a useful resource for teachers of statistics particularly in the area of engineering.

Statistics with JMP: Hypothesis Tests, ANOVA and Regression, Peter Goos, David Meintrup

... Engineering is an interesting and vast field. New technologies are discovered or invented every day, and the older ones must get updated In the past, engineers used to search libraries or go through various books to keep up with the recent technological advancements or find the solution to various problems. Nowadays, it is possible to do so with the help of just one click.

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