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Data Analysis with Microsoft Power Bi

Brian Larson ... 544 pages - Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; (December, 2019) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 126045861X - ISBN-13: 978-1260458619.

Explore, create, and manage highly interactive data visualizations using Microsoft Power BI: Extract meaningful business insights from your disparate enterprise data using the detailed information contained in this practical guide. Written by a recognized BI expert and bestselling author, Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI teaches you the skills you need to interact with, author, and maintain robust visualizations and custom data models. Hands-on exercises based on real-life business scenarios clearly demonstrate each technique. Publishing your results to the Power BI Service ( and Power BI Report Server are also fully covered.

Inside, you will discover how to: •Understand Business Intelligence and self-service analytics •Explore the tools and features of Microsoft Power BI •Create and format effective data visualizations •Incorporate advanced interactivity and custom graphics •Build and populate accurate data models •Transform data using the Power BI Query Editor •Work with measures, calculated columns, and tabular models •Write powerful DAX language scripts •Share content on the PowerBI Service •Store your visualizations on the Power BI Report Server.

Data Analysis with Microsoft Power Bi, Brian Larson

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