Shallow Foundations and Soil Constitutive Laws

Swami Saran ... 312 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; 1st edition (December, 2017) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0815374879 - ISBN-13: 978-0815374879 ...

The book offers a systematic analysis of footings (i.e. shallow foundations) in a realistic way, using constitutive relationships of the soil. The aim of the book is to deal with the theme holistically, involving the determination of the constitutive law of the soil, and then proportioning the footing occurring in different situations in actual practice. The book has eleven chapters. After giving an introduction and scope of the book in the first chapter, second and third chapters are respectively devoted to constitutive laws of soil and basic stress equations. In the third chapter analysis of strip footings subjected to central vertical load has been dealt. This analysis has been extended for eccentric –inclined load in the fifth chapter. Since problems of shallow foundations resting adjacent to a slope are of prime importance, this aspect has been dealt in sixth chapter. In the seventh chapter, analysis pertaining to square and rectangular footings have been presented. Effect of interference between adjacent footing is covered in chapter eight. Since ring footings are usually provided for tanks, silos, towers etc., ninth chapter is devoted to this. Added attraction of the book is its chapter ten in which footings located in seismic regions have been covered. Effect of embedment below the ground surface on the behavior of footings located both in non-seismic and seismic regions has been dealt in the chapter eleven. The book is intended for senior undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. students of civil engineering, research scholars, practicing engineers, teachers and academicians. The analyses are based on the latest information available. A number of illustrated examples have been included in the text. SI units have been used in the book.

Shallow Foundations and Soil Constitutive Laws, Swami Saran

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