Introduction to DATA ANALYTICS with MATLAB

H. Mendel ... 218 pages - Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publ.; (October, 2016) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 1539439321 - ISBN-13: 978-1539439325 ...

This book initiates the reader into the techniques of data analysis with MATLAB. The major contents are as follows: Data Processing Importing and Exporting Data Plotting Data Missing Data Representing Missing Data Values Working with NaNs Interpolating Missing Data Inconsistent Data Filtering Data Detrending Data Differencing Data Interactive Data Exploration Marking Up Graphs with Data Brushing Making Graphs Responsive with Data Linking Interacting with Graphed Data Data Brushing with the Variables Editor Using Data Tips to Explore Graphs Descriptive Statistics Functions for Calculating Descriptive Statistics Regression Analysis Linear Correlation Linear Regression Fitting Data with Curve Fitting Toolbox Functions Interactive Fitting Programmatic Fitting MATLAB Functions for Polynomial Models Linear Model with Nonpolynomial Terms Multiple Regression Time Series Analysis Time Series Objects Time Series Data Sample Time Series Constructor Time Series Tools Importing and Exporting Data Plotting Time Series Selecting Data for Analysis Editing Data, Time, Attributes, and Events Processing and Manipulating Time Series

Introduction to DATA ANALYTICS with MATLAB, H. Mendel

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