Cyclic Behaviour of Soils and Liquefaction Phenomena

Th. Triantafyllidis ... 704 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; (March, 2004) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 9058096203 - ISBN-13: 978-9058096203.

This conference brought together specialists in cyclic soil behaviour in order to discuss important results and new ideas in the field, and to share expertise in design of various problems involving cyclic or dynamic behaviour of soils. This book covers a variety of topics: * Theory and analysis, including constitutive relations of soil under cyclic loading, post-seismic stability analysis of soil/structure, dynamic stability of structures, liquefaction analysis of marine structures due to cyclic loading, and more * Cyclic and dynamic laboratory and model testing, centrifuge testing and in-situ testing. * Numerical analysis, including computer methods * Design of industrial applications and marine structures, installation methods of piles, vibrocompaction, densification of ballast in railway structures, case studies of earthquakes and post-liquefaction observations.

Cyclic Behaviour of Soils and Liquefaction Phenomena, Th. Triantafyllidis

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