Triaxial Testing of Soils

Poul V. Lade ... 500 pages - Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 1st edition (May, 2016) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 1119106621 - ISBN-13: 978-1119106623 ...

Triaxial testing of soils is required in geotechnical engineering in the design of specific projects and for studying and understanding the behaviour of soils. The triaxial test is the most suitable for such studies and is almost always chosen for studies of new phenomena because it is relatively simple - but also versatile. This authoritative, up to date and comprehensive manual on triaxial testing reflects current best practice and instrumentation and explains how to carry out triaxial tests to demonstrate the effects of engineering designs on soil behaviour. Soil testing is a crucial part of civil engineering but it is notoriously difficult to do soil tests properly. This manual explains how to carry out triaxial tests to demonstrate the effects of soil behaviour on engineering designs. An authoritative and comprehensive manual, it reflects current best practice and instrumentation.

Triaxial Testing of Soils is organized in a logical sequence beginning with the principles of triaxial testing in Chapter I, and the computations and presentations of test results (Chapter II). The triaxial equipment is explained in Chapter III, and instrumentation, measurements and control is reviewed in Chapter IV. Preparation of triaxial specimens is presented in Chapter V, and saturation of specimens is described in Chapter VI. The two testing stages in an experiment are made clear in Chapter VII: Consolidation and in Chapter VIII: Shearing. Chapter IX accounts for the corrections to the measurements, Chapter X informs about special tests and test conditions, and Chapter XI puts the results from triaxial tests in perspective by reviewing results from tests with three unequal principal stresses. References are given in Appendix A, and additional appendices are provided to explain special experimental techniques. References are made throughout to easily accessible articles in the literature and the book’s focus is on how to obtain high quality experimental results. Triaxial Testing of Soils is an invaluable reference for soil testing laboratories and consulting engineers will also use it for guidance on, for example, rates of loading and testing procedures for different soils. Academic researchers and post graduate students will appreciate the detailed discussions in the book and the descriptions of the equipment and procedures.

Triaxial Testing of Soils, Poul V. Lade

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