Reliability and Statistics in Geotechnical Engineering

Gregory Baecher, John Christian ... 
618 pages - Publisher: Wiley; 1st edition (November, 2003) ...
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0471498335 - ISBN-13: 978-0471498339 ...

Risk and reliability analysis is an area of growing importance in geotechnical engineering, where many variables have to be considered. Statistics, reliability modeling and engineering judgement are employed together to develop risk and decision analyses for civil engineering systems. The resulting engineering models are used to make probabilistic predictions, which are applied to geotechnical problems. Reliability & Statistics in Geotechnical Engineering comprehensively covers the subject of risk and reliability in both practical and research terms * Includes extensive use of case studies * Presents topics not covered elsewhere--spatial variability and stochastic properties of geological materials * No comparable texts available Practicing engineers will find this an essential resource as will graduates in geotechnical engineering programmes. Probabilistic reasoning, statistical methods, and measures of engineering judgment are combined to develop a quantified approach for analyzing and managing risks in civil engineering systems and the applied earth sciences. The resulting risk analysis approach described in this book reflects an emerging trend in geotechnical engineering, natural hazards mitigation, infrastructure protection, and other civil engineering fields to directly and quantitatively deal with uncertainty. "Reliability and Statistics in Geotechnical Engineering" offers a much needed state-of-the-art reference for risk analysis in geotechnical engineering and geology.

Integrating theory and practical applications, this book: Discusses the nature and philosophy of uncertainty in geological and geotechnical engineering. Addresses fundamentals and limits of probabilistic and statistical methods in the geological and geotechnical context. Develops statistical approaches to site characaterization decisions and for analyzing field and laboratory data. Explains traditional and emerging risk analysis methodologies and provides guidance for their use. Presents many applications of statistics, reliability, and risk techniques to practical problems. Emphasizing both theoretical underpinnings and practical applications, this comprehensive text constitutes an invaluable reference for practising geotechnical engineers, geologists, university students, and civil engineers in general practice.

Gregory Baecher, John Christian, Reliability and Statistics in Geotechnical Engineering

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