Reservoir Sedimentation Handbook

Gregory L. Morris, Jiahua Fan ... 848 pages - Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 1st edition (May 1, 1997)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 007043302X - ISBN-13: 978-0070433021

All the state-of-the-art tools you need to extend water reservoir life by controlling sediment are packed into this hands-on resource. It helps you plan, design and manage both existing and proposed reservoirs and their associates watersheds. You'll learn to manage sediment for sustainable development. . .analyze suspended and deposited sediment. . .and estimate and measure erosion rates.

Packed with clear illustrations and how-to examples, the book give you the know-how to: Master sediment transport processes in reservoirs + Apply mathematical and physical models to analyze sediment processes + Route inflowing sediment through or around reservoir storage pools + Use turbid density currents to control sedimentation + Empty and scour sediments from a reservoir by means of hydraulic flushing + And much more ...

Reservoir Sedimentation Handbook, Gregory L. Morris, Jiahua Fan

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