The Stability of Slopes 2nd Edition

E. N. Bromhead ... 373 pages - Publisher: Chapman and Hall; 2nd edition (1986) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0412010615 - ISBN-13: 978-0412010613 ...

The second edition of this text has been thoroughly revised to take account of recent advances in our understanding of slope stability and instability. It begins with a consideration of slope stability  processes, including the evolution of natural slopes. The behaviour of soil and rocks, and the flow of water through them, (which is of fundamental importance to their shear strength), are explained in considerable detail. The principles and techniques of stability analysis are covered in two separate chapters. From this basic theory the author develops practical design criteria for new slopes, discusses remedial measures for slope stabilization, and provides guidance on investigation of landslides. Computer programs to facilitate analysis and design are discussed where appropriate, and the book concludes with several carefully selected case histories, and design recommendations for man-made slopes.

The Stability of Slopes 2nd Edition, E. N. Bromhead

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