Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers

John T. Germaine, Amy V. Germaine ... 368 pages - Publisher: Wiley; (June, 2009) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0470150939 - ISBN-13: 978-0470150931.

A comprehensive guide to the most useful geotechnical laboratory measurements: Cost effective, high quality testing of geo-materials is possible if you understand the important factors and work with nature wisely. Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers guides geotechnical engineers and students in conducting efficient testing without sacrificing the quality of results. Useful as both a lab manual for students and as a reference for the practicing geotechnical engineer, the book covers thirty of the most common soil tests, referencing the ASTM standard procedures while helping readers understand what the test is analyzing and how to interpret the results.

Features include: Explanations of both the underlying theory of the tests and the standard testing procedures. The most commonly-taught laboratory testing methods, plus additional advanced tests. Unique discussions of electronic transducers and computer controlled tests not commonly covered in similar texts. A support website at with blank data sheets you can use in recording the results of your tests as well as Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets containing raw data sets supporting the experiments.

Geotechnical Laboratory Measurements for Engineers, John T. Germaine, Amy V. Germaine

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