Laurence D. Wesley ... 464 pages - Publisher: Wiley; 1st edition (August, 2009) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0470376260 - ISBN-13: 978-0470376263 ...

Introducing the first integrated coverage of sedimentary and residual soil engineering: Despite its prevalence in under-developed parts of the United States and most tropical and sub-tropical countries, residual soil is often characterized as a mere extension of conventional soil mechanics in many textbooks. Now, with the rapid growth of construction in these regions, it is essential to gain a fuller understanding of residual soils and their properties—one that's based on an integrated approach to the study of residual and sedimentary soils. One text puts this understanding well within reach: Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics for Sedimentary and Residual Soils. The first resource to provide equal treatment of both residual and sedimentary soils and their unique engineering properties, this skill-building guide offers: A concise introduction to basic soil mechanics, stress-strain behavior, testing, and design + In-depth coverage that spans the full scope of soil engineering, from bearing capacity and foundation design to the stability of slopes + A focus on concepts and principles rather than methods, helping you avoid idealized versions of soil behavior and maintain a design approach that is consistent with real soils of the natural world + An abundance of worked problems throughout, demonstrating in some cases that conventional design techniques applicable to sedimentary soils are not valid for residual soils + Numerous end-of-chapter exercises supported by an online solutions manual + Full chapter-ending references. Taken together, Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics for Sedimentary and Residual Soils is a comprehensive, balanced soil engineering sourcebook that will prove indispensable for practitioners and students in civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and geology.

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