S-Frame Structural Office R11: S-FOUNDATION 2014 v1.4.6, S-CALC 2013 v1.51, S-CONCRETE 2013 v11.00.32, S-FRAME 2013 Enterprise v11.00.23, S-LINE 2013 v11.00.10, S-PAD 2013 v11.00, S-VIEW 2013 v1.0.1 [Total Size: 2200 MB] ... Structural Office R11 is a suite of structural analysis and design software with powerful BIM/CAD links, is designed to increase productivity and collaboration among projects' stakeholders. The various components of Structural Office may be purchased separately or bundled together within Structural Office, and with the exception of S-STEEL Design, they can all operate as stand-alone applications as well. S-STEEL - design of steel structures including steel members, plate girders, tapered plate girders and more. Includes code checking, auto-design and optimization to multiple design codes on a complete structure or just part of a structure. S-STEEL is fully integrated with S-FRAME. S-PAD - a standalone steel design and optimization product. Quickly check columns, beams or braces without the need to build a detailed model for the complete structure. Built with the structural engineer consultant in mind.
S-FRAME - a complete structural modeling, analysis, and design environment. S-FRAME features numerous productivity tools, advanced analyses, a variety of material models, flexible load combination methods, fast and accurate solver technology all bundled within a powerful and intuitive user interface. S-CONCRETE - comprehensive section design and detailing tool of reinforced concrete beams, columns and walls. Its powerful graphical output capabilities provide immediate feedback to the engineer as design parameters are changed. S-CONCRETE is integrated with S-FRAME. S-LINE - an intuitive yet powerful standalone application for the analysis, design and detailing of continuous reinforced concrete beams. S-LINE supports code checking and automated design and detailing to multiple design codes for a variety of section types.S-FRAME - 2D structural analysis tool. S-FOUNDATION - analyze, design and detail concrete foundations in one complete solution package with easy 3D visualization tools and automated 2-way S-FRAME Analysis links.