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Barbara Bermes ... 
250 pages - Publisher: SitePoint; 1st edition (June 15, 2015)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0992279461 - ISBN-13: 978-0992279462 

A practical book on website performance for web developers, concentrating mainly on front-end performance improvement. It covers plenty of solid theory, but is also packed with useful, real world hints and tips that you can use on your sites today.

Topics covered include: User experience, design and performance + Measuring and monitoring performance + Setting up a page weight budget + Network and server improvements + Optimizing images and video + Optimizing scripts and third party content + Lean DOM operations.

The book also comes with a handy "cheat sheet" summarizing many of the key tips contained within the book.

Ryan Chin, Angie Salisbury ... 
334 pages - Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (October 27, 2014)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 1502916711 -  ISBN-13: 978-1502916716 

Are you looking for the best way to get the most out of your website and learn everything you need to build your following while increasing sales? Make Money On The Internet: How To Turn Your Website Into A Cash-Making Machine is the ultimate guide to generating sales over the Internet.
  Chin and Salisbury crack the code and give readers the best ways to make money using their website. It is designed for anyone who owns a small to medium-sized business, selling products or services. It targets readers with any level of website experience, whether building and maintaining a site or working with an outside professional, the tips and techniques outlined in this book will get anyone started with monetizing an online presence.

Divided into four parts, Make Money On The Internet provides an easy-to-follow roadmap to success by identifying the elements that makes a site sell well, outlining how to generate free traffic to a site, how to capitalize on social media to drive traffic and sales, and finally how to put it all together into a cohesive, comprehensive plan. At the end of each chapter is a handy resource list and action steps that a reader can begin taking right away.

It is a one-stop shop for business owners who are struggling to generate sales and profits through their website. No matter where someone is in their business, this book will outline specific steps that they can begin using immediately.

Nate Cooper, Kim Gee ... 
264 pages - Publisher: No Starch Press; 1st edition (September 15, 2014)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 1593275226 - ISBN-13: 978-1593275228

Build Your Own Website is a fun, illustrated introduction to the basics of creating a website. Join Kim and her little dog Tofu as she learns HTML, the language of web pages, and CSS, the language used to style web pages, from the Web Guru and Glinda, the Good Witch of CSS.

Once she figures out the basics, Kim travels to WordPress City to build her first website, with Wendy, the WordPress Maven, at her side. They take control of WordPress themes, install useful plugins, and more.

As you follow along, you'll learn how to:
Use HTML tags + Make your site shine with CSS + Customize WordPress to fit your needs + Choose a company to host your site and get advice on picking a good domain name.

The patient, step-by-step advice you'll find in Build Your Own Website will help you get your website up and running in no time. Stop dreaming of your perfect website and start making it!

Henry Dalziel, Alejandro Caceres ... 
76 pages - Publisher: Syngress; 1st edition (January 1, 2015)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0128027320 - ISBN-13: 978-0128027325 

How to Attack and Defend Your Website is a concise introduction to web security that includes hands-on web hacking tutorials. The book has three primary objectives: to help readers develop a deep understanding of what is happening behind the scenes in a web application, with a focus on the HTTP protocol and other underlying web technologies; to teach readers how to use the industry standard in free web application vulnerability discovery and exploitation tools – most notably Burp Suite, a fully featured web application testing tool; and finally, to gain knowledge of finding and exploiting the most common web security vulnerabilities.

This book is for information security professionals and those looking to learn general penetration testing methodology and how to use the various phases of penetration testing to identify and exploit common web protocols.

How to Attack and Defend Your Website is be the first book to combine the methodology behind using penetration testing tools such as Burp Suite and Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA), with practical exercises that show readers how to (and therefore, how to prevent) pwning with SQLMap and using stored XSS to deface web pages.
Learn the basics of penetration testing so that you can test your own website's integrity and security + Discover useful tools such as Burp Suite, DVWA, and SQLMap + Gain a deeper understanding of how your website works and how best to protect it.

Robin Nixon ...
320 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 1st edition (January 27, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0071841555
ISBN-13: 978-0071841559

Based on the author's successful online courses, this complete, integrated learning tool provides easy-to-follow lessons that feature clear explanations, sample code and exercises, and video tutorials. Each lesson is designed to take you less than an hour to complete.

HTML5: 20 Lessons to Successful Web Development covers the basics of HTML, including laying out an HTML document, using fonts, colors, and images, creating lists and tables, and building forms. Next, you'll learn how to use the HTML5 canvas, support geolocation, build advanced forms, implement local storage, add audio and video to your pages, and much more. Together, the book and almost five hours of video training make learning HTML5 easier than ever!

Mark Collins ... 452 pages - Publisher: Apress; 1st edition (June 22, 2015)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 1484211480 - ISBN-13: 978-1484211489 

Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio 2015 is written to help ASP.NET developers make the leap to the inevitable and exciting world of HTML5. With this book, you’ll quickly master the new HTML elements, the improved CSS features, and advanced content including audio, video, canvas, SVG, and drag and drop capabilities. You will also learn how your enterprise applications can benefit from some brand-new technology such as web workers and web sockets. Using practical hands-on demonstrations you will learn all of the really cool features that you can start using now, within your existing ASP.NET applications.
HTML5 promises to revolutionize the way web sites are developed with an impressive set of built-in client-side features. The use of HTML5 as a preferred development language in Windows 10, along with growing support from the major browser vendors, is likely to make HTML5 the de-facto standard for all future web development. The number of HTML5-capable phones alone is estimated to top 2 billion by 2016. Many professional web developers who are firmly rooted in the Microsoft toolset such as Visual Studio, Active Server Pages, and .NET are trying to understand how HTML5 fits into their world.
Written with the Visual Studio 2015 developer in mind, this book: Illustrates how to integrate the new HTML5 features in an ASP .NET MVC6 application + Explains how to add active content including video and graphics + Demonstrates the new scripting features of HTML5 such as application cache and local storage
    What you’ll learn: Integrate the new HTML5 features with the MVC6 framework. + Take advantage of the new browser capabilities from within your ASP applications. + Use web workers, IndexedDB, and other infrastructure improvements. + Use the new CSS3 features to create dramatic web sites. + Create mobile friendly web sites. + Use canvas and SVG to build some amazing web pages. +  Leverage the native browser support for Geolocation, Web Sockets, and drag and drop capabilities
      Who this book is for: Pro HTML5 with Visual Studio 2015 is for the professional web developer who is familiar with traditional ASP.NET web forms or the Model View Controller (MVC) framework. It is designed for the web builders who want to take advantage of the new design features or the infrastructure improvements of HTML5. It is geared toward individuals who want practical, real-world demonstrations and not just a lot of theory.

      Alan Pipes ... 
      168 pages
      Publisher: Laurence King Publishing; (October 26, 2011)
      Language: English
      ISBN-10: 1856697398
      ISBN-13: 978-1856697392

      There are books on the nuts and bolts of web design and there are books about website aesthetics, showcasing examples of good design. How to Design Websites contains the essentials of both, addressing the skillsets required to produce websites that are functional and elegant but from a graphic designer's perspective. It demonstrates that you can design a working website in minutes without the need for expensive programs. Chapters include Code, Layout, Text and Typography, and Images and Colour Schemes. Useful tips and tricks panels are included, as well as step-by-step projects such as how to produce a portfolio site that will be of interest to design students and to graduates of all disciplines. Inspirational Trailblazer case studies showcase the best of contemporary designers and their work. Blogs, Facebook, Flickr and HTML5, and new ways of using the web, such as mobile phones and netbooks, are also discussed.

      Jon Duckett ...
      490 pages - Publisher: Wiley; 1st edition (November 8, 2011)
      Language: English - ISBN-10: 1118008189 - ISBN-13: 978-1118008188

      A full-color introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS from the publishers of Wrox!: Every day, more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS. Joining the professional web designers and programmers are new audiences who need to know a little bit of code at work (update a content management system or e-commerce store) and those who want to make their personal blogs more attractive. Many books teaching HTML and CSS are dry and only written for those who want to become programmers, which is why this book takes an entirely new approach.

      Introduces HTML and CSS in a way that makes them accessible to everyone—hobbyists, students, and professionals—and it’s full-color throughout + Utilizes information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging + Boasts a unique structure that allows you to progress through the chapters from beginning to end or just dip into topics of particular interest at your leisure.

      This educational book is one that you will enjoy picking up, reading, then referring back to. It will make you wish other technical topics were presented in such a simple, attractive and engaging way!

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