Multilevel Modeling Using R 3rd Edition

W. Holmes Finch, Jocelyn E. Bolin ... 338 pages - Language: ‎English - Publisher: Chapman and Hall/CRC; 3rd edition (April, 2024).

Like its bestselling predecessor, Multilevel Modeling Using R, Third Edition provides the reader with a helpful guide to conducting multilevel data modeling using the R software environment.

After reviewing standard linear models, the authors present the basics of multilevel models and explain how to fit these models using R. They then show how to employ multilevel modeling with longitudinal data and demonstrate the valuable graphical options in R. The book also describes models for categorical dependent variables in both single-level and multilevel data.

The third edition of the book includes several new topics that were not present in the second edition. Specifically, a new chapter has been included, focussing on fitting multilevel latent variable modeling in the R environment. With R, it is possible to fit a variety of latent variable models in the multilevel context, including factor analysis, structural models, item response theory, and latent class models. The third edition also includes new sections in Chapter 11 describing two useful alternatives to standard multilevel models, fixed effects models and generalized estimating equations. These approaches are particularly useful with small samples and when the researcher is interested in modeling the correlation structure within higher-level units (e.g., schools). The third edition also includes a new section on mediation modeling in the multilevel context, in Chapter 11.

This thoroughly updated revision gives the reader state-of-the-art tools to launch their own investigations in multilevel modeling and gain insight into their research.

Multilevel Modeling Using R 3rd Edition, W. Holmes Finch, Jocelyn E. Bolin

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