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Balanced Control of Flexible Structures

Wodek Gawronski ... 265 pages - Publisher: Springer; (December, 1995) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 3540760172 - ISBN-13: 978-3540760177 ...

Methods of structural control and dynamics are introduced in this book. These include reduction of large structural models by balanced truncation, placement of actuators and sensors for dynamic testing and control, structural identification of the minimum-order balanced representation, balanced dissipative controller design, balanced LQG and H( controller designs with the closed-form relationships between controller parameters and system performance, and controller reduction methods that preserve the closed-loop performance. The book explores the unique properties of flexible structures to obtain efficient methods of dynamic analysis and controller design. The presented methods of structural dynamics, identification, sensor/actuator placement, and passive, LQG and H( controller design have been checked both with simulations and industrial implementations.

Balanced Control of Flexible Structures, Wodek Gawronski

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