Manual of Standard Practice

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute ... 255 pages - Publisher: CRSI; (2003) ... Language: English - ASIN: B0026MCR7Y by Amazon ...

The Manual of Standard Practice presents recommendations and industry practices for estimating, detailing, fabricating, placing, and contracting for reinforcing steel and related materials. Suggested specifications for reinforcing steel are included. The Manual delineates the industry conventions for reinforcing steel and provides a convenient reference source for the architect/engineer, the inspector, the detailer, and fabricator. Published by Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute. Topics covered in this manual include: 1. Material specifications for reinforcing bars 2. Welded wire reinforcement (WWR) 3. Bar supports 4. Notes and recommendations to architect/engineer 5. Recommended industry practice for estimating reinforcing materials and services 6. Recommended industry practice for detailing concrete reinforcing steel 7. Recommended industry practice for fabrication of reinforcing bars and services 8. Recommended industry practice for placing reinforcing bars 9. Recommended industry practice for contract components 10. Recommended industry practice for concrete joist construction Appendices A. U.S. manufacturers of Grade 60 and 75 concrete reinforcing bars B. Simplified practice recommendation--steel spirals for reinforced concrete columns C. Recommendations for spacing of bars in slabs, walls, mats, or footings D. Notes on metrication

Manual of Standard Practice, Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

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