Akbar R. Tamboli ... 416 pages - Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 1st edition (May, 2014) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0071818715 - ISBN-13: 978-0071818711 ...

Featuring contributions from 30 global experts involved in the planning and design of the structures covered in this book, Tall and Supertall Buildings describes the technical developments and special design features used for these landmark buildings: Sears Tower * Taipei 101 * Burj Khalifa * Petronas Towers * Shanghai Tower * Kingdom Tower.  This authoritative resource addresses HVAC systems, sustainability, geotechnical and foundation engineering, wind engineering, and more. Construction photographs and detailed diagrams are included throughout. This is the definitive guide for engineers, architects, project managers, building inspectors, and anyone involved in the planning and design of tall and supertall buildings.

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