Foundation and Anchor Design Guide for Metal Building Systems

Alexander Newman ... 320 pages - Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 1st edition (October, 2012) ... Language: English ... ISBN-10: 0071766359 ...  ISBN-13: 978-0071766357 ...

Expand your professional design skills and engineer safe, reliable foundations and anchors for metal building systems. Written by a practicing structural engineer, Foundation and Anchor Design Guide for Metal Building Systems thoroughly covers the entire process--from initial soil investigation through final design and construction. The design of different types of foundations is explained and illustrated with step-by-step examples. The nuts-and-bolts discussion covers the best design and construction practices. This detailed reference book explains how the design of metal building foundations differs from the design of conventional foundations and how to comply with applicable building codes while avoiding common pitfalls. COVERAGE INCLUDES: Metal building and foundation design fundamentals * Soil types, properties, and investigation * Unique aspects of foundation design for metal building systems * Design of isolated column footings * Foundation walls and wall footings * Tie rods, hairpins, and slab ties * Moment-resisting foundations * Slab with haunch, trench footings, and mats * Deep foundations * Anchors in metal building systems * Concrete embedments in metal building systems

Foundation and Anchor Design Guide for Metal Building Systems, Alexander Newman

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