Basic Structural Analysis 2nd Edition

C. S. Reddy ... 779 pages - Publisher: McGraw Hill; 2nd edition (January, 2001) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0074623664 - ISBN-13: 978-0074623664 ...

The new edition of this book presents the basic principles of classical and matrix structural analysis. It provides a smooth transition from the classical approaches that are based on physical behaviour of structures in terms of their deflected shapes to a formal treatment of a general class of structures by means of matrix formulation in order to understand how the structural problems can be formulated in order to make them suitable for computer programming. Table of contents 1. Introduction to Structural Analysis 2. Statics of Structures 3. Plane Trusses 4. Space Trusses 5. Displacements-Geometric Methods 6. Displacements-Energy Methods 7. Rolling Loads and Influence Lines 8. Cables and Suspension Bridges 9. Approximate Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Structures 10. Indeterminate Structures-Compatibility Methods 11. Slope-Deflection Method 12. Moment Distribution Method 13. Kani`s Method 14. Column Analogy 15. Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis 16. Transformation of Information in Structures through Matrices 17. Flexibility or Force Method of Analysis 18. Stiffness or Displacement Method of Analysis 19. Plastic Analysis of Steel Structures.

Basic Structural Analysis 2nd Edition, C. S. Reddy

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