Applied Strength of Materials 6th Edition

Robert L. Mott, Joseph A. Untener ... 850 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; 6th edition (September, 2016) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 149871675X - ISBN-13: 978-1498716758 ...

Designed for a first course in strength of materials, Applied Strength of Materials has long been the bestseller for Engineering Technology programs because of its comprehensive coverage, and its emphasis on sound fundamentals, applications, and problem-solving techniques. The combination of clear and consistent problem-solving techniques, numerous end-of-chapter problems, and the integration of both analysis and design approaches to strength of materials principles prepares students for subsequent courses and professional practice. The fully updated Sixth Edition. Built around an educational philosophy that stresses active learning, consistent reinforcement of key concepts, and a strong visual component, Applied Strength of Materials, Sixth Edition continues to offer the readers the most thorough and understandable approach to mechanics of materials.

Applied Strength of Materials 6th Edition, Robert Mott, Joseph A. Untener

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