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Powerhouse: An Intermediate Business English Course

David Evans, Peter Strutt ... 160 pages - Publisher: Pearson Education ESL; 1st edition (February, 2000) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0582298792 - ISBN-13: 978-0582298798 ...

Powerhouse is a two-level business English course that concentrates on the language and skills needed by busy professionals and students. Authentic; Flexible; Comprehensive... Uses original texts from magazines, newspapers, literature and the movies to motivate learners and teach key business skills. + Contains up-to-date business stories, and features well-known business personalities to explore some of the latest business ideas. + Use in sequence or 'dip-in' at any point for maximum flexibility. + Course materials are clear, adaptable and easy-to-use. + Includes practice with vocabulary, grammar, business skills, and social English. + Extension activities for students to do on their own. + A Study Book provides extensive practice and tests for self-study use. + A Teacher's Book includes additional photocopiable material and background information to support busy teachers. + A Video draws on authentic materials including films, television drama, broadcast news/information programs, and so on.

Powerhouse: An Intermediate Business English Course, David Evans, Peter Strutt

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