Primary MATLAB for Life Sciences: Guide for Beginners

Leonid Burstein ... 279 pages - Publisher: Bentham Science; (2013) ... Language: English - ISBN-13: 978-1608058051.

This e-book provides readers a short introductory MATLAB course oriented towards various collaborative areas of biotechnology and bioscience. The text concentrates on MATLAB fundamentals and gives examples of its application to various problems in computational biology, molecular biology, biokinetics, biomedicine, bioinformatics, and biotechnology. MATLAB is presented with examples and applications to various school-level and advanced life science / bioengineering problems - from growing populations of microorganisms and population dynamics, reaction kinetics and reagent concentrations, predator-prey models, to data fitting and time series analysis.

The book is divided into 7 chapters containing material carefully selected and tailored to teaching several groups of biotechnology students. The topics are presented in a manner that allows readers to proceed sequentially on the strength of the preceding material. Primary MATLAB® for Life Sciences: A Guide for Beginners is essentially a concise and comprehensive text that provides an easy grasp and to-the-point access to the MATLAB tool to the community of life sciences and bio-engineering undergraduates and specialists.

Primary MATLAB for Life Sciences: Guide for Beginners, Leonid Burstein

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