Nonlinear System Identification by Haar Wavelets

Przemysław Sliwinski ... ​In order to precisely model real-life systems or man-made devices, both nonlinear and dynamic properties need to be taken into account. The generic, black-box model based on Volterra and Wiener series is capable of representing fairly complicated nonlinear and dynamic interactions, however, the resulting identification algorithms are impractical, mainly due to their computational complexity. One of the alternatives offering fast identification algorithms is the block-oriented approach, in which systems of relatively simple structures are considered. The book provides nonparametric identification algorithms designed for such systems together with the description of their asymptotic and computational properties.

Info-Details: 139 pages - Publisher: Springer; (October, 2012) ... Language: English - ASIN: B00A9YHAD2 by Amazon Digital Services ...

Nonlinear System Identification by Haar Wavelets, Przemysław Sliwinski

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