Anchorage Zone Reinforcement for Post-Tensioned Concrete Girders

John Edward Breen ... 204 pages - Publisher: National Academy Press; (1994) ...
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0309053544 - ISBN-13: 978-0309053549 ...

This report presents the results of an extensive study of design requirements for anchorage zone reinforcement for post-tensioned concrete girders. The study included a literature review, survey of current state of the art based on an extensive user survey, and a substantial number of physical tests to verify proposed design approaches. Major variables included various anchorage hardware types and degrees of confinement, various types of end anchorage applications (concentric, eccentric, inclined, curved, multiple and with end reactions or lateral post-tensioning), slab anchorages, intermediate anchorages (pocket, blister, and ribs), and diaphragm anchorages. Analytical approaches included strut-and-tie models, finite element analysis, and approximate equations. Correlation between analytical approaches and experimental results was excellent. The report includes recommended design and construction specifications suitable for inclusion in the AASHTO bridge specifications.

Anchorage Zone Reinforcement for Post-Tensioned Concrete Girders, John Edward Breen, Transportation Research Board

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