Planning and Design of Airports

Robert Horonjeff, Francis McKelvey ... 688 pages - Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 5th edition (June, 2010) ...
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0071446419 - ISBN-13: 978-0071446419 ...

Authoritative, Up-to-Date Coverage of Airport Planning and Design: Fully updated to reflect the significant changes that have occurred in the aviation industry, the new edition of this classic text offers definitive guidance on every aspect of planning, design, engineering, and renovating airports and terminals. Planning and Design of Airports, Fifth Edition, includes complete coverage of the latest aircraft and air traffic management technologies, passenger processing technologies, computer-based analytical and design models, new guidelines for estimating required runway lengths and pavement thicknesses, current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, and more. 
Widely recognized as the field's standard text, this time-tested, expertly written reference is the best and most trusted source of information on current practice, techniques, and innovations in airport planning and design. Coverage Includes: Designing facilities to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft * Air traffic management *Airport planning studies * Forecasting for future demands on airport system components * Geometric design of the airfield * Structural design of airport pavements * Airport lighting, marking, and signage * Planning and design of the terminal area * Airport security planning * Airport airside capacity and delay * Finance strategies, including grants, bonds, and private investment  * Environmental planning * Heliports.

Robert Horonjeff, Francis McKelvey, Planning and Design of Airports

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