Neural Networks for Hydrological Modeling

Linda M. See, Robert Abrahart ... 316 pages- Publication Date: April, 2007 ...
Language: English - ASIN: B000PWQTEO by Amazon Digital Services ...

Neural Networks for Hydrological Modeling is intended to ease the transition into a data-driven paradigm and to provide a stimulus for further research on neural network hydrological modeling. Each chapter is the work of one or more independent experts in a different field of hydrological modeling - which demonstrates the wide potential of such tools, for solving real world problems throughout all areas of hydrological interest, and at all levels of methodological investigation. The initial material provides a basic introduction to the concepts and technologies involved; subsequent chapters use hydrological examples and case studies to illustrate the practical application of different mechanisms and approaches. The final chapter suggests some useful research directions, based on lateral thinking and alternative strategies or mindsets.

Neural Networks for Hydrological Modeling, Linda M. See, Robert Abrahart

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