Structural Analysis: A Matrix Approach

G. S. Pandit, S. P. Gupta ... 612 pages - Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2dn edition (2008) ...
Language: English - ISBN-10: N/A - ISBN-13: 978-0070667358 ...
Meant for the undergraduate students of civil engineering, this text on "Structural Analysis" has been updated with units in the SI system. It has been written in a clear lucid style which presents the complex concepts of matrix analysis in an easy-to-understand manner. Features It assumes only an elementary knowledge of structural mechanics, briefly but lucidly discusses fundamental concepts of structural analysis. A unique feature is the combined discussion of the two methods i.e. the force method and the displacement method for each category of structure. This enables their critical comparison and provides an understanding of their merits and demerits . Before discussing the matrix methods in detail, sufficient information on matrix algebra and a preview of the two main methods is given.

Structural Analysis: A Matrix Approach, G. S. Pandit, S. P. Gupta

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