Civil Engineering FE Exam Preparation Workbook

Mohammad Iqbal, Ali Iqbal ... 528 pages - Publisher: American Publishing Co; 1st edition (October, 2013) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0989951200 - ISBN-13: 978-0989951203.

The NCEES FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) examination is the first step in becoming a licensed engineer in the United States. This book addresses the newly-formatted 2014 Civil Engineering FE Computer-based examination specifications. This book is discipline-specific and covers the following subjects for the Civil Engineering FE exam: 1. Mathematics 2. Probability and Statistics 3. Computer Methods 4. Ethics and Professional Conduct 5. Engineering Economics 6. Statics 7. Dynamics 8. Mechanics of Materials 9. Materials 10. Fluid Mechanics 11. Hydraulics and Hydrology 12. Structural Analysis 13. Structural Design 14. Geotechnical Engineering 15. Transportation Engineering 16. Environmental Engineering 17. Construction 18. Surveying. The NCEES specifications are described in the NCEES Reference Handbook version 9.0 available on the NCEES website. This book is based on these specifications and has over 600 solved problems, which have been designed to be as exam-like as possible. The books works hand in hand with the NCEES Handbook. It uses the Handbook equations and notations, and provides numerous footnotes to guide the reader where the equation used in the problem can be found in the NCEES Handbook. Its goal is to provide an efficient preparation for the FE CE exam. This book uses most of the equations and concepts described in the NCEES specifications, but not all of them. This does not mean that only the equations and concepts covered in the book are important and that what is not covered is not important. Every field in engineering has broad applications and all equations and concepts in the specifications are equally important for the exam. This is a workbook. Every problem introduces a new principle, concept or application. Working with the solved problems and mastering the concepts and applications will help in preparing for the FE examination.

Civil Engineering FE Exam Preparation Workbook, Mohammad Iqbal, Ali Iqbal

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