Substation Structure Design Guide

Leon Kempner Jr. ... 164 pages - Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers; (July 15, 2008) ...
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0784409358 - ISBN-13: 978-0784409350 ...

Substation Structure Design Guide (ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 113), provides a comprehensive resource for the structural design of outdoor electrical substation structures. Prepared by the ASCE Subcommittee on the Design of Substation Structures, this new manual offers current recommendations developed by substation structure designers Utility engineers, structural and electrical engineers, and anyone that works in the field of transmission line substation design will benefit from this manual. Topics include: Electrical Equipment and Structure Types Loading Criteria for Substation Structures Deflection Criteria Methods of Analysis Design Connections to Foundations and Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Substation Structure Design Guide, Leon Kempner Jr.

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