Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques

Harry G. Harris, Gajanan Sabnis ... 808 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; 2nd edition (March 30, 1999)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0849324696 - ISBN-13: 978-0849324697

Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques presents a current treatment of structural modeling for applications in design, research, education, and product development. Providing numerous case studies throughout, the book emphasizes modeling the behavior of reinforced and prestressed concrete and masonry structures.

Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques: Concentrates on the modeling of the true inelastic behavior of structures * Provides case histories detailing applications of the modeling techniques to real structures * Discusses the historical background of model analysis and similitude principles governing the design, testing, and interpretation of models * Evaluates the limitations and benefits of elastic models * Analyzes materials for reinforced concrete masonry and steel models* Assesses the critical nature of scale effects of model testing * Describes selected laboratory techniques and loading methods * Contains material on errors as well as the accuracy and reliability of physical modeling * Examines dynamic similitude and modeling techniques for studying dynamic loading of structures * Covers actual applications of structural modeling.
This book serves students in model analysis and experimental methods, professionals manufacturing and testing structural models, as well as professionals testing large or full-scale structures - since the instrumentation techniques and overall approaches for testing large structures are very similar to those used in small-scale modeling work.

Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques

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