John Morton, Haig Gulvanessian ... 160 pages - Publisher: ICE Publishing; (March, 2011)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0727731556 - ISBN-13: 978-0727731555

A detailed guide to Eurocode 6 Design of Masonry Structures: Part 1-1 Common rules for reinforced and unreinforced masonry structures, dealing with the various sections in EN1996-1-1: 1 General Introduction and Terminology - 2 Basis of design - 3 Materials - 4 Durability - 5 Structural analysis - 6 Ultimate Limit State - 7 Serviceability Limit State - 8 Detailing - 9 Execution.

A valuable insight is given into the code that addresses unreinforced masonry and reinforced masonry where the reinforcement is added to provide ductility, strength or improve serviceability and provides the structural rules for designing a composite material comprising masonry units and mortar.

This book complements the Eurocode standard by explaining the areas where change has overtaken the traditional approach used in the previous British Standard. Includes UK National Annex for EN 1996-1-1.

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