Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures 2nd Edition

Mohamed Abdallah El-Reedy ... 
345 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; 2nd edition (November 24, 2015)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 1498724701 - ISBN-13: 978-1498724708 

Increase the Durability and Performance of Concrete during Its Lifetime: While reinforced concrete is a durable material used for a wide range of construction projects in civil engineering, certain factors must be considered during its design, construction, and maintenance. This includes a variety of conditions impacting strength and performance relevant to specific structural systems, and the application of numerous codes. Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures, Second Edition discusses both traditional and new systems in concrete structures, outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each system and its importance to construction durability and reliability, and presents the latest advanced materials and construction techniques currently used in reinforced concrete structures.

New Edition Now Includes Eurocode, Egyptian Code, British Standard, and American Specifications (ACI): In addition to highlighting new materials that can be used to enhance concrete strength and performance, the book describes the traditional and newest materials used in concrete technology; and presents new approaches to utilizing an integrity management system. It provides a comparison of concrete strength utilizing ACI, BS, Eurocode, and Egyptian codes of practice, and also highlights different loads that affect buildings from the application of the different international codes.
By using this book, readers will learn how to: Choose the most reasonable structural system, materials, method of construction, and maintenance plan + Determine the optimum system to meet stability, reliability, and architectural requirements + Understand the statistical parameters that govern quality control in concrete construction projects + Analyze and meet concrete construction quality control criteria + Implement a maintenance plan incorporating modern construction techniques.

Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures, Second Edition serves as a practical guide on advanced materials, design, and construction techniques in concrete structures under different environmental conditions. Designed for practicing civil and structural engineers/engineering consultants, this revised version also appeals to senior undergraduate/graduate students in civil engineering - construction materials, and reinforced concrete (RC) construction.

Advanced Materials and Techniques for Reinforced Concrete Structures 2nd Edition, Mohamed Abdallah El-Reedy

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