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Textbook of Finite Element Analysis

P. Seshu ... 340 pages - Publisher: PHI; (June 24, 2013)
Language: English - ASIN: B00K7YKDLU

Designed for a one-semester course in Finite Element Method, this compact and well-organized text presents FEM as a tool to find approximate solutions to differential equations. This provides the student a better perspective on the technique and its wide range of applications. This approach reflects the current trend as the present-day applications range from structures to biomechanics to electromagnetics, unlike in conventional texts that view FEM primarily as an extension of matrix methods of structural analysis. Appendices that include mini-project topics based on near-real-life problems.

Postgraduate/Senior undergraduate students of civil, mechanical and aeronautical engineering will find this text extremely useful.

P. Seshu, Textbook of Finite Element Analysis

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