Illustrated 2000: Building Code Handbook

Terry L. Patterson ... 
1280 pages - Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; (November 16, 2000)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0070494371 - ISBN-13: 978-0070494374

Architects, builders and related design professionals are required to design any structure to the minimum requirements set by applicable codes. Failure to do so can mean expensive change orders during construction, delays, loss of client trust and even litigation. This work explains the standard building code for the entire United States, which replaces the regional UBC, BOCA and SBCCI codes. It explains building code requirements pictorially, with the aim of facilitating comprehension.

Building code solutions at a glance: Now the job of understanding and applying the new building code is easier. Though codes setting legal standards for the health, safety, and welfare performance of buildings are notoriously complex, this one-of-a-kind reference almost makes the new code simple. It brings you not only expert interpretation, but -- better yet -- design and detail drawings that show you how the code is applied.

From code to plain English: Based on the author's own practice and on interviews with other architects and code officials, noted architect, writer, and teacher Terry Patterson's Illustrated 2000 Building Code Handbook translates the dry and often obscure legal prose of the code into understandable language, helping you both absorb rules and apply them correctly. What's more, this book turns convoluted paragraphs into simple lists and converts equations into tables, saving you time and enhancing your ability to meet the standards' intention. Finally, Patterson's array of drawings makes comprehension and application even easier.
pass the design exam-- get ahead at work

A big help to those studying for the design portion of the architectural licensing exam -- now increasingly code-centered -- Illustrated 2000 Building Code Handbook is also ideal for those just starting in practice or preparing to embrace the new code. This unique guide: Provides orthographic and pictorial drawings for visualizing solutions * Interprets arcane and complicated code requirements with illustrations, examples, explanations, and experience * Helps solve nonstandard as well routine situations with case-study examples * Is the ideal tool for bringing recent graduates up to speed on real-world design requirements.

There's never been a building code resource like Illustrated 2000 Building Code Handbook. It's a book that deserves a convenient spot near your work station, because you'll turn to it often.

Decipher complex standards, such as for common path of egress travel, fire separation distance, and horizontal exit with noted drawings * Get more positive response on plan submissions to the building department * Skip costly revisions, and redesign  * Increase confidence in the health, safety, and welfare standards of your buildings. 

Illustrated 2000: Building Code Handbook, Terry Patterson

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