A Short Course in Foundation Engineering

N. E. Simons, Bruce Menzies ...
168 pages - Publisher:  Butterworth-Heinemann; (1977) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 0408002956 - ISBN-13: 978-1483105208 ... 

A Short Course in Foundation Engineering discusses methods for predicting the failure loads, and the deformations at working loads, of piled and non-piled foundations. The first chapter covers the definition, principle, and computation of effective stress. Chapter 2 discusses the nature and measurement of shear stress. Chapter 3 deals with the concerns in immediate settlements, such as elastic stress distributions, heave of excavations, and estimates of undrained modulus. Chapter 4 tackles the bearing capacity of footings, while Chapter 5 talks about settlement analysis. The last chapter covers piled foundations. The book will be of great use to civil engineers who wish to have a better understanding of foundation engineering.

A Short Course in Foundation Engineering, Bruce Menzies, N. E. Simons

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