Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

William S. Janna ... 738 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; 4th edition (November 3, 2009)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 1420085247 - ISBN-13: 978-1420085242

The ability to understand the area of fluid mechanics is enhanced by using equations to mathematically model those phenomena encountered in everyday life. Helping those new to fluid mechanics make sense of its concepts and calculations, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Fourth Edition makes learning a visual experience by introducing the types of problems that students are likely to encounter in practice – and then presenting methods to solve them.

A time-tested book that has proven useful in various fluid mechanics and turbomachinery courses, this volume assumes knowledge of calculus and physics in its use of mathematics to model physical principles in fluid mechanics. Among its many useful features, this book:
Contents: Updates advances and relevant examples + Introduces concepts of fluid statics and control/volume approach of determining flow + Carefully explains topics using step-by-step examples + Emphasizes applications areas, with extensive resources for design problems  + Uses both SI units and British gravitational units + Includes computer and design problems formulated for use with a spreadsheet in any of the traditional programming languages.

The author includes open-ended chapter-end problems designed to systematically improve the students’ ability to understand and apply the equations of fluid mechanics to various practical problems associated with scenarios such as flow from a draining coffee pot or drag force exerted on a bicycle-rider combination. Problems are arranged so that the easier ones are presented first, to build students’ confidence and aid learning, and these problems are grouped by topic, making them easier to use for both instructors and students.

With an abundance of new material, this book is a thorough and comprehensible presentation of fluid mechanics from a practical viewpoint, rather than an encyclopedic and inaccessible volume.

William S. Janna, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

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