Hydrology and Management of Watershed

Kenneth N. Brooks, Peter F. Ffolliott, Joseph A. Magner ...
552 pages - Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 4th edition (December 26, 2012) ... 
Language: English - ISBN-10: 0470963050 - ISBN-13: 978-0470963050 ...

This new edition is a major revision of the popular introductory reference on hydrology and watershed management principles, methods, and applications. The book's content and scope have been improved and condensed, with updated chapters on the management of forest, woodland, rangeland, agricultural urban, and mixed land use watersheds. Case studies and examples throughout the book show practical ways to use web sites and the Internet to acquire data, update methods and models, and apply the latest technologies to issues of land and water use and climate variability and change.

From the Back Cover: Hydrology and the Management of Watersheds has been a classroom staple since the publication of the first edition. The 4th edition has been fully revised and updated, adding new features that allow for students to explore the field beyond the book, while still providing broad coverage of the fundamentals of hydrology and application of those concepts in the management of watersheds.

The new edition updates basic the basic concepts that provide a strong foundation in the field of hydrology. Coverage has been synthesized with a renewed focus on integrated watershed management reflecting the evolving view of the field for today’s students and professionals. New web links have been provided to allow students to more thoroughly explore the world of hydrology and watershed management outside of the book. Valuable chapter summaries and learning points are also included to help reinforce key concepts to the reader.

This careful revision ensures that Hydrology and the Management of Watersheds, 4th Edition will continue to provide students and stakeholders with essential, practical information in the key concepts of hydrology and watershed management.

Hydrology & Management of Watershed, Kenneth N. Brooks, Peter F. Ffolliott, Joseph A. Magner

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