Concrete Bridges: Design and Construction

A. C. Liebenberg, F. K. Kong, R. H. Evans, E. Cohen, F. Roll ... 300 pages - Publisher: Longman; (August 24, 1992)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 058204281X - ISBN-13: 978-0582042810

This series comprises works on subjects of topical interest in the broad field of concrete technology. Written or edited by international authorities, the books should appeal to engineers, consultants, academics, students and others involved in this area. This volume provides a state-of-the-art perspective on concrete bridge design, construction and maintenance. The author focuses on the concepts not usually covered in standard works such as, the appreciation of aesthetic form and the protection of the natural environment. These are subjects which play an important part in the understanding of the design and construction of concrete bridges but which are very often overlooked. The text provides new information on the vital topics of inspection, testing, assessment and rapair and offers an international perspective, providing case studies from around the world. It takes into account recent amendments in BS5400 and also provides an historical summary of bridge building. It is aimed at practising engineers in the design and construction industry, architects and professionals involved with the design and construction industries.

Concrete Bridges: Design and Construction, A. C. Liebenberg, F. K. Kong, R. H. Evans, E. Cohen, F. Roll

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