Finite Element Analysis

G. Lakshmi Narasaiah ... 349 pages - Publisher: BS Publications; (2008) ... Language: English - ISBN-10:  9788178001401- ISBN-13: 9788178001401.

1. Introduction. 2. Matrix operations. 3. Theory of elasticity. 4. Discrete (1 D) elements. 5. Continuum (2 D and 3 D) elements. 6. Higher order and Iso parametric elements. 7. Factors influencing solution. 8. Dynamic analysis (undamped free vibrations). 9. Steady state heat conduction. 10. Design validation and other types of analysis. 11. Computational fluid dynamics. 12. Practical analysis using a software. Objective questions. Answers. References for additional reading. Index. Finite element method popularly known as FEM has undergone a major paradigm shift from a detailed mathematical background to write tailor made computer programs to an understanding of the subject for better utilisation of available software such as ANSYS NISA ADINA PAFEC NASTRAN etc. 

The author with his rich experience has made an effort in this direction and prepared a textbook on FEM ideally suited for the undergraduates. Special features Comprehensive study material including all relevant topics. Includes matrix methods inversion eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Includes relevant portions of theory of elasticity. Case studies and practical problems for better understanding of the concepts. Brief coverage of CFD. Solved problems and objective questions for students. Examples with a commercial software (ANSYS) and validation of results for code compliance for practicing engineers.

Finite Element Analysis, G. Lakshmi Narasaiah

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