Analytical Fluid Dynamics 3rd Edition

George Emanuel ... 650 pages - Publisher: CRC Press; 3rd edition (October, 2015) ... Language: English - ISBN-10: 1498715699 - ISBN-13: 978-1498715690 ...

New Edition Now Covers Shock-Wave Analysis: An in-depth presentation of analytical methods and physical foundations, Analytical Fluid Dynamics, Third Edition breaks down the "how" and "why" of fluid dynamics. While continuing to cover the most fundamental topics in fluid mechanics, this latest work emphasizes advanced analytical approaches to aid in the analytical process and corresponding physical interpretation. It also addresses the need for a more flexible mathematical language (utilizing vector and tensor analysis and transformation theory) to cover the growing complexity of fluid dynamics. Revised and updated, the text centers on shock-wave structure, shock-wave derivatives, and shock-produced vorticity; supersonic diffusers; thrust and lift from an asymmetric nozzle; and outlines operator methods and laminar boundary-layer theory. In addition, the discussion introduces pertinent assumptions, reasons for studying a particular topic, background discussion, illustrative examples, and numerous end-of-chapter problems. Utilizing a wide variety of topics on inviscid and viscous fluid dynamics, the author covers material that includes: Viscous dissipation + The second law of thermodynamics + Calorically imperfect gas flows + Aerodynamic sweep + Shock-wave interference + Unsteady one-dimensional flow + Internal ballistics + Force and momentum balance + The Substitution Principle + Rarefaction shock waves + A comprehensive treatment of flow property derivatives just downstream of an unsteady three-dimensional shock + Shock-generated vorticity + Triple points + An extended version of the Navier‒Stokes equations + Shock-free supersonic diffusers + Lift and thrust from an asymmetric nozzle. Analytical Fluid Dynamics, Third Edition outlines the basics of analytical fluid mechanics while emphasizing analytical approaches to fluid dynamics. Covering the material in-depth, this book provides an authoritative interpretation of formulations and procedures in analytical fluid dynamics, and offers analytical solutions to fluid dynamic problems.

Analytical Fluid Dynamics 3rd Edition, George Emanuel

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