AutoCAD 2016 For Beginners

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300 pages - Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; (April 11, 2015)
Language: English - ISBN-10: 1511684461 - ISBN-13: 978-1511684460 

AutoCAD 2015 For Beginners is written to help a complete novice to learn AutoCAD Basics. The Author guides readers to create 2D drawings and 3D models with the help of brief explanations and step-by-step examples. This book starts with the introduction to Microsoft Windows-based user interface, 2D drawings, organizing and reusing data, plotting, and 3D modeling. In addition, there is a separate chapter on 2D Architectural drawings.

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction to AutoCAD - 2. Drawing Basics - 3. Drawing Aids - 4. Editing Tools - 5. Multi View Drawings - 6. Dimensions and Annotations - 7. Parametric Tools - 8. Section Views- 9. Blocks, Attributes and Xrefs - 10. Layouts & Annotative Objects - 11. Templates and Plotting - 12. 3D Modeling Basics - 13. Solid Editing & generating 2D views - 14. Creating Architectural Drawings

AutoCAD 2016 For Beginners, CADFolks

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