Perfecting Engineering and Technical Drawing: Reducing Errors and Misinterpretations

Ron Hanifan ... 95 pages - Publisher: Springer; (September, 2014) ...
Language: English - ISBN-10: 3319069829 - ISBN-13: 978-3319069821 ...

This concise reference helps readers avoid the most commonplace errors in generating or interpreting engineering drawings. Applicable across multiple disciplines, Hanifan’s lucid treatment of such essential skills as understanding and conveying data in a drawing, exacting precision in dimension and tolerance notations, and selecting the most-appropriate drawing type for a particular engineering situation, “Perfecting Engineering and Technical Drawing” is an valuable resource for practicing engineers, engineering technologists, and students.

    * Provides straightforward explanation of the requirements for all common engineering drawing types - Maximizes reader understanding of engineering drawing requirements, differentiating the types of drawings and their particular characteristics - Elucidates electrical reference designation requirements, geometric dimensioning, and tolerancing errors - Explains the entire engineering documentation process from concept to delivery.

      Perfecting Engineering and Technical Drawing: Reducing Errors and Misinterpretations, Ron Hanifan

      ... Engineering is an interesting and vast field. New technologies are discovered or invented every day, and the older ones must get updated In the past, engineers used to search libraries or go through various books to keep up with the recent technological advancements or find the solution to various problems. Nowadays, it is possible to do so with the help of just one click.

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